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How profitable is market making on different exchanges

In this blog post we'll cover the basics of what is market making strategy, describe its pitfalls, and calculate profitability of market making on different...
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Radex Alpha is live

After months of designing, developing, validating and testing the alpha version of Radex is live! In this release you can trade ETH and STN, with more tokens...
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Saturn.Network update: 12/11/2017

Today, we'd like to share three big news with you: Radex launch date, launch of Rados community forum and a vote for what tokens you'd like to get listed on...
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ERC20 -> ERC223 upgrade path.

We've written about ERC223 token standard before and why we chose it for our STN token. ERC223 makes writing smart contracts that work with tokens much...
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A viral blockchain game increased transaction fees on ETH chain by x16

Cryptokitties is a viral collectible game. In the game you get to own virtual kittens and breed them once a week to create rare varieties. Since ownership of...
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