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The data problem of cryptocurrency investors

The cryptocurrency investor community is enjoying an exponential growth in both number of investors and total investment amount. Those who have invested...
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AI Powered Trading (part II)

For this blog post, we've decided to take the algorithm from part I, and train it on Kraken BTCEUR exchange data. The features that were used for learning...
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AI Powered Trading (part I)

AI (artifical intelligence) and neural networks are all over the news these days. Zuck and Elon are fighting over whether machines are going to kill us,...
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What is Rados?

Rados is a collection of tools and services for cryptocurrency traders and investors.  New features on will be released according to the roadmap...
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Cryptocurrency wallets explained

Wallets available for crypto have varying characteristics in terms of security and ease of use. It's extremely hard to balance those two because the most...
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