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Bitcoin drama continues: yet another hard fork announced

Cobra, a co-owner of and websites, has published an announcement of a new mysterious hard fork in his private blog.
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Tezos: is it a revolution or a scam?

Tezos, the second largest ICO ever that has raised more than $230 million, is now at risk to not deliver anything due to an internal conflict and its...
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How does J.P. Morgan's Quorum differ from Ethereum

J.P. Morgan Chase is one of the largest investment banks in the world, with $25 trillion in assets under management. Of course, as part of their operation...
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An update on cryptocurrency regulations

Cryptocurrencies, like it or not, are a modern day phenomena that's here to stay. While most of the existing cryptocurrencies will fade into the abyss, some...
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Why access to American markets is vital for Bitcoin

At the end of the day, a store of value is only as good as the demand for it. And who better to drive the demand than huge asset management funds. Speaking...
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