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Bitcoin ETFs are closer than you think

I want to present you with a couple of facts that, in my opinion, are very good news for bitcoin holders in the near future. I'm going to let you do your own...
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Radex - decentralized exchange with the lowest fees

It has been long three weeks since the announcement of Radex - a decentralized exchange for ERC223 tokens. Today, I'd like to share some more information...
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A partnership that may make mining profitable again

A couple of days ago two large corporations who command vast R&D budgets, have announced a pretty important partnership. Those companies are AMD, one of the...
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First on-chain atomic swap complete between DCR and LTC

Since on-chain atomic swaps were first proposed back in 2013 it's been an incredibly tough journey to get to the first real world transaction. Let's talk a...
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First Rados franchise to open in Russia

One of the goals of Rados platform is to break down the little comfortable information bubbles we live in and enable everyone to face the truth and biases of...
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