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Good time to buy

Looks like the wave of fake news about chinese bans is behind us, and crypto is on its way to catch up for the last week. Now would be a good time to exit...
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How to write secure smart contracts?

Or a short history of Solidity: why this language got written the way it was written, why it is horrible for writing smart contracts that handle real money,...
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Monero to issue a hard fork on September 15th

As more people start using cryptocurrencies for anonymous payments, a challenge is posed to the developers to create a truly secure currency that scales well...
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Two trades a day for 50% profit in two weeks

I'd like to share an old strategy of mine that exploits the intraday seasonality of bitcoin price. On a naive level, in May 2017 it seemed that while USA was...
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IOTA hack and subsequent hard-fork

IOTA boasted to be the first team to solve the problem of decentralized graph-based payment system, that are parallelizable by design and are so easy to...
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