Debitum and Geneviève listed on Radex

Three new ERC223 tokens have been listed on Radex, come check them out!

Debitum and Geneviève listed on Radex

I know we have been a little quiet on Radex's developments lately but don't worry, here at team Saturn we are never sleeping!

We have just finished listing three new ERC223 tokens for you to trade, you will find the new pairs available on Radex's market dashboard.

The newly listed tokens are:

  • Debitum Network, is a project with a goal to develop borderless small business funding using the DEB token.
  • Geneviève Exchange, part of the Genevieve dual-token ecosystem, the token GXE, allows holders to invest in businesses listed on their platform.
  • Geneviève Venture Capital, the other half of their ecosystem, GXVC, which ensures dividends are distributed.

I invite you all to learn more about DEB, GXE, and GXVC, to discuss them in our community forum! We are also always open to suggestions for what tokens we should list next on Radex, feel free to let us know.

More Radex Updates?

Currently, we are going through our crowdsale, to bring to life the Saturn Protocol, which we see as the next step in the evolution of Radex. It will enable us to provide services like Atomic Arbitrage which will create liquidity and with it a much higher trading volume.

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Buying SATURN not only lets you own a piece of a decentralized exchange: to control fees, list new tokens and decide dividend structures; but also to receive multiple airdrops such as when we expand into Ethereum Classic or Callisto.

And we always have good news just around the corner!

Stay excited because another ERC223 token is coming, Digitex Futures will be tradable on Radex next week.

Happy trading!

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