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Announcing Radex: Decentralized ERC223 Exchange

In one of the previous posts I've mentioned that there are a lot of benefits to ERC223 standard compared to ERC20. However, in this day and age, the most important thing for the token is to have a fair market for it. And while ERC20 already has a couple of decentralized exchanges, ERC223 still lacks in this department.

So today, we are announcing Radex: a secure, efficient decentralized exchange of ERC223 tokens on Ethereum blockchain. All transactions happen directly in the smart contract so your funds are always secure. And because Ethereum is a public blockchain, other developers will be able to write their own applications on top of this exchange, such as alternative user interfaces and trading bots.

In the upcoming weeks we will be posting progress updates and soliciting your feedback on the available features and the user interface. We will discuss both the architecture and the implementation details of the smart contract. We will demonstrate our commitment to security and privacy and show you the steps we've taken to provide you the best service.

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