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Radex Alpha is live

After months of designing, developing, validating and testing the alpha version of Radex is live! In this release you can trade ETH and STN, with more tokens to be added next week. Make sure you vote for your favorite token on our forum! Currently EOS is in the lead, but looks like OMG may give it a good run for its money.

Visit to start trading.

Some important announcements:

  • Read Radex FAQ before asking a question in telegram or on our forum.
  • Read the disclaimer.
  • Feature suggestions go here.
  • Suggest new tokens to be listed on Radex in this thread.
  • Since our team still has the majority of STN tokens we published STN monetary policy that will be effective until the day of ICO.
  • Ethereum network is still recovering after cryptokitties. Please be patient, some transactions take time. Be sure to consult ethgasstation and pick appropriate gas price. Unfortunately this matter is out of our control and we hope that Ethereum dev team will address scalability issues soon.

Happy trading!

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