Saturn Wallet Released - Ethereum and Ethereum Classic support

Saturn Wallet is a fully functional wallet for Ethereum and Ethereum Classic that allows you to access dApps across both blockchains.

Saturn Wallet Released - Ethereum and Ethereum Classic support

We are very happy to announce the first release of Saturn Wallet which allows you to access dApps across Ethereum & Ethereum Classic from your browser! Our extension allows you to easily manage your wallets across both blockchains, swap networks in just one click and interact with dApps securely, all from just one tool.

This was a very important milestone for the team and an amazing achievement that we can now tick off the list, showing that when it comes to being cross chain we know how to proceed. By providing a dApp browser for Ethereum Classic this is one problem that we have fixed, and know it will result in more projects developing on ETC.

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Now developers can migrate any existing ETH dApp that supported MetaMask over to ETC and know that users will be able to interact with their project immediately via Saturn Wallet. This opens up a whole room of growth for ETC, and to developers, we only see positives for migrating or replicating your dApp on the classic chain:

  • No need to rewrite any code, simply redeploy.
  • ETC has very little fees.
  • Transactions are much faster than on ETH.

What are you waiting for? Definitely this is the time to capitalize! And if you are having any problems with your smart contracts, please come post about it on our forum. We would be happy to give you feedback.

Now we also had a second reason for developing our own wallet.

Saturn Wallet the future of Radex trading

By developing Saturn Wallet we have lifted the chains off Radex of being reliant on MetaMask for our users overall trading experience. It opens the doors to providing you with a much greater user experience as we can now develop all aspects of the user interface. In fact, we see our wallet as a direct window to our Radex traders. From today, we will be actively promoting it as the optimal wallet for using any current or future Saturn Network products.

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We recommend that all Radex traders switch over to Saturn Wallet, as the next releases will see our wallet being integrated further into the exchange. For example, we will ensure all the tokens currently supported on Radex are listed by default in our wallet. This means that once our API is released, you will be able to buy or sell any tokens listed on Radex from Saturn Wallet without even visiting the webpage.

Saturn Wallet is based off MetaMask

This means you can import any existing MetaMask or ClassicMask account using the seed phrase provided when you created the account. Alternatively, you can always create a new account and import existing wallets with your private key or JSON file.

As ClassicMask no longer works we recommend any users migrate over to Saturn Wallet immediately, if you need any help doing so feel free to jump in our telegram and we will be happy to guide you. We have also put together a user manual on our forum, it covers the installation, migrating over from MetaMask or ClassicMask and importing any existing wallets from MEW or CEW.

Saturn Wallet is currently only available for Chrome users, you can find the installation links on our main website here:

Our community has also tested Saturn Wallet on Chromium and Vivaldi, reporting that it works fine on these two browsers also.

Please note, do not run MetaMask or ClassicMask and Saturn Wallet at the same time as you will not be able to interact with dApps correctly if you do.

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Now that ETC has a dApp browser when can we expect to see Radex Classic?

We believe Radex Classic will be ready to launch next week and we will list the Saturn Classic DAO token. So far all our initial tests have been successful and very promising. In fact, as transaction times are currently much quicker on the ETC chain, you can expect almost real-time decentralized trading!

If you have any suggestions for Saturn Wallet or Radex, please do come and let us know on our community forum. Remember we are building a DAO where everyone is part of the team, so we are always open to all feedback and suggestions.

What an amazing release on Saturnday, the future is bright!

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